Welcome to GW Law Library, Traci Emerson!

We'd like to welcome our new Reference & Foreign International Law Librarian, Traci Emerson! Traci was able to jump right into the swing of things this Fall 2019. She's already making her impact on the students, faculty and staff! Although she's camera shy......

A Word from the Director | No. 1

GW Law Library Director, Scott Pagel, is starting a...

Honoring All Veterans!

GW Law Library proudly salutes those who have served in the armed forces. Thank you all for your dedication, sacrifice, and invaluable service. Be sure to check out our Military Justice research guide, which provides various legal resources and articles on military...

Rachel Carson and the Birth of the EPA

To celebrate GW’s Environmental Law Program’s 50th anniversary, the law library’s current display recognizes Rachel Carson’s influence on the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency, and environmental policy in the United States at large. Rachel Carson...

Welcome to Witchtober Pt. 6: Sarah Osborne

Image from "Witchcraft in Salem village in 1692 : together with some account of other witchcraft prosecutions in New England and elsewhere" by Winfield F. Nevins, 1892. Born in Watertown, MA in 1643, Sarah Osborne (Osburn) was the wife to Robert Prince. Prince passed...
National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, observed every October, is a collaboration between government and industry to raise awareness that cybersecurity impacts everyone.  This year, it emphasizes personal accountability and stresses taking steps to improve...

Art Crime

Art Crime

The GW Law Library's current display concerns art and cultural property crime, which includes antiquities theft, art theft, and art fraud. Such crime is the third highest-grossing annual criminal trade worldwide and is run primarily by organized crime syndicates to...

We the People – Constitution Day, September 17

We the People – Constitution Day, September 17

The Constitutional Convention was initially convened by the Congress of the Confederation in 1787 to revise the Articles of Confederation.  Under the Articles, the new government had quickly come to a stalemate between the northern states and those in the south.  The...

Freedom of Information Day

Freedom of Information Day

Freedom of Information Day, celebrated annually on March 16, promotes public access to government information and the public’s right to know.  Held during Sunshine Week, the day also celebrates the birth of our fourth President, James Madison (1751-1836).  Madison is...

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The Burns Brief library blog shares timely information about services, events and resources provided by the Jacob Burns Law Library. This blog also communicates relevant law-related and library-related topics germane to greater GW Law Library community.



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