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While it may not always be true that the best things in life are free (e.g., unsolicited advice from in-laws, hand-me-downs from the ‘70s), sometimes the Universe can drop a little gem in your lap when you least expect it. Sometimes, being in the right place at the right time gives you first dibs on some pretty good stuff. Case in point, the library recently started a “Free Books” shelf where you’ll find an assortment of donated items that, for one reason or another, were not added to the library’s collection, but that we thought might be of interest to others. No, these are not sad rejects from the Land of Misfit Books, but duplicate copies of nutshells, copies of materials that the library doesn’t generally collect (such as outlines), and the like. A recent selection of giveaways included The Glannon Guide to Criminal Procedure, Principles of Contract Law (Concise Hornbook Series), The Law of Torts (Examples & Explanations series), Professional Responsibility Standards, Rules & Statutes, and Trial Techniques. Our only caveat is that since the Free Books inventory is based on donations, we can’t predict when or how often the shelf will be stocked, but we’ll do our best to keep eligible materials flowing to it. 

 Be forewarned!  The books may contain outdated information, may not be the current edition or may be in poor condition.  And — first come, first served.  We don’t hold books or put books aside for pick up later.

The Free Book shelf is located on the first floor of the library in the room that’s just behind the door monitor’s station.  Please stop by, the Universe may be calling…!

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