If you plan to be out of the area during Spring Break, stop by the reference desk and pick up a “letter of introduction” from us to another academic law library.  Many libraries will honor the letter (along with your GWorld card) to permit students to use the library for brief periods.  Some restrictions may apply as a guest–please check in advance with the library you’d like to visit to be sure that it honors a letter and what services are available.

Our library is also a member of SHARES, a network of libraries that cooperate in sharing resources.  SHARES libraries may also permit students to access their facilities.  Stop by the reference desk to determine if a SHARES library is located in the area that you plan to visit.  To visit a SHARES library, you will need your GWorld card and you may need a letter of introduction.  Please check ahead with the SHARES library to determine any limits on access and what services are available.

Other options are public law libraries, such as county law libraries.  County law libraries are usually open to the public and to attorneys; many collections are quite extensive especially for materials for that jurisdiction.  Large public libraries may offer free wi-fi for those with a library card.  Be sure to check ahead with these libraries when planning your visit.