The Law Library’s Tasher Great Room is designated as a quiet study area, where students can get their work done without distractions.  Over the summer, we added electrical outlets under many of the study tables.  You can more reliably use your laptop or other device to access the Internet or reading materials.

You may be asking yourself why there are now three huge televisions suspended at one end of the room.

The Great Room is often used for special events, such as conferences and receptions, but until now it hasn’t had any of the audiovisual equipment that is found in the Law School’s other function rooms.  In the past few months, we installed three sixty-inch monitors, speakers and a camera in the Great Room.  Someone giving a presentation in the Great Room can now hook up a laptop computer and send an image, such as a PowerPoint slideshow or a video, to all three screens.  Speakers in the ceiling will carry the laptop’s audio signal.  We also added the ability to put out more microphones so we can have panel discussions.  The addition of a camera to the room means that important events can be recorded and streamed via the Web Portal, or simulcast to other rooms if the Great Room is full.

Please continue to use the Tasher Great Room as a quiet study room, except for the occasional event.