Constitution Day, Sept. 17

“We the People…” Celebrate the adoption of the Constitution on September 17, 1787, upon the final vote of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention.  Meeting in Philadelphia, the delegates to the convention were called to revise the Articles of...

Roadmap to Research

Join us for Roadmap on Wednesday, September 14th, Noon – 3:00pm in the Tasher Reading Room. So what is Roadmap?  We’ll be guiding you through the many databases that the library has to offer and that will help you research your seminar paper or other...

The Supreme Court: Facebook and Twitter

Did you wonder if the Supreme Court uses Facebook or Twitter?  Although the Court has no official presence on Facebook and doesn’t Tweet, check out our display on the first floor of the library to learn about the intrepid souls who post happenings of the Court. ...

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