Law school involves a lot or reading. Cases, journal articles, treatises, hornbooks, nutshells, your outline.  You have papers to write, articles to edit, sources to find, and research to conduct.  Some of the reading is interesting.  Some of it – not so much.  It’s law school and kind of what you expected.  But remember those pre-law school days, when you took the time to read things that interested you.  Mysteries, drama, romance, thrillers, or that latest graphic novel – that moment of escape into another world.  You want to do that again but don’t see how you are going to have the time to go to the public library and pick up that book.

We have an easy option available for you.  That option is interlibrary loan.   Use it to request anything you want. If there is a library out there in the world willing to lend it, we will find that library.  Search GW Worldcat Discovery for the item.  Once you have found it, click on the “request through interlibrary loan” button.    Then sit back and leave the work to us.   All you have to do is come to the library and pick up the item when we contact you.  Then go sit someplace comfortable and have you moment of escape.

Our Burns Law Library Welcome guide and our guide Services @ the Jacob Burns Law Library have more information about our services for GW Law students.