We’ll Always Have Paris

We’ll Always Have Paris

“We’ll always have Paris.”  It is a famous line from the movie Casablanca, the title of a Star Trek Next Generation episode (1998), title of a book by Ray Bradbury (2009), and a song by the Commander Venus band (1997).  Paris, a wonderful place for many things,...

Take Time to Escape

Law school involves a lot or reading. Cases, journal articles, treatises, hornbooks, nutshells, your outline.  You have papers to write, articles to edit, sources to find, and research to conduct.  Some of the reading is interesting.  Some of it – not so much. ...

Another Library Gem

We have another gem to make researching easier for you – the Law Library has its own WorldCat page.  WorldCat accesses millions of records from thousands of libraries, including ours! You can link to World Cat here or here.  Going to our WorldCat page means that...

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