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Hear and Watch Advertisement

Comment by Charles Cronin

Early June, 2011, Eight Mile Style, the publisher of the entertainer dba “Eminem” (Marshall Mathers) filed a complaint in Hamburg Regional Court against the German auto manufacturer Audi. We have not yet obtained a copy of the complaint. Eight Mile Style claims that Audi’s video advertisement for their new model A6 Avant infringes upon Chrysler’s model 200 advertisement that features Marshall Mathers’ unsmiling voice and physiognomy extolling, sans ironie, the abundance in Detroit of the “finer things in life”.

In August, Audi settled with Eminem, admitting using a composition that’s remarkably similar to Eminem’s song Lose Yourself. The details and the amount of settlement were not available to the public, but Eight Mile Style stated that it was satisfied with the result.