We have a number of materials in the Jacob Burns Law Library to help new students, not the least of which is Black’s Law Dictionary,  which provides definitions of legal terms such as res ipsa loquitur, ex parte, and prima facie.  We also have general works to help you, such as Law School Success in a Nutshell: a Guide to Studying Law and Taking Law School Exams, Acing Your First Year of Law School: the Ten Steps to Success You Won’t Learn in Class, and Law School Revealed: Secrets, Opportunities, and Success!.

And, we have titles on legal reading, research, and writing, including Reading Like a Lawyer: Time-Saving Strategies for Reading Law Like an Expert, , Fundamentals of Legal Research, and Academic Legal Writing: Law Review Articles, Student Notes, Seminar Papers, and Getting on Law Review.

And don’t forget to ask us — your law librarians!  We wish you much success!