Craft Court @ AALL

For the second year in a row, several of our librarians–Lesliediana Jones, Susan Chinoransky and Debby Norwood–organized “Craft Court,” at the annual meeting for the American Association of Law Libraries.  Members of AALL who are crafters were...

AALL Annual Meeting

The American Association of Law Libraries, founded in 1906 at a meeting of the American Library Association, will hold its annual meeting in Boston beginning July 21.  AALL has approximately 4800 members, representing all types of organizations and interests in law...

First Female U.S. Attorney General

Janet Reno, born on July 21, 1938, was the first woman appointed as the United States Attorney General.  She was the second longest serving Attorney General; appointed by President Clinton in 1993, she served throughout his presidency.  Prior to serving as Attorney...

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