Walds Ordnung [s.l.: s.n.], 1535.

An important addition to the Law Library’s collection of early forest law.

The first edition of revised legislation regulating forest and land use rights in the Nuremberg forests.  Nineteen unnumbered leaves in quarto format, large folding woodblock plate depicting the length of the old “Kettenmass” land-chain measure. Contemporary vellum binding consisting of an antiphonary leaf with illuminated letters in red, green, and brown, lacking ties.  With hand-painted arms of Rieter von Kornburg, dated 1609, affixed to front pastedown.

The original forest and land use rights for the subjects of the Margraves Brandenburg-Ansbach and Brandenburg-Kulmbach had been regulated by agreement in 1496, but after conflicts in the early sixteenth century, the arrangement was modified and re-established.  Set forth in Walds Ordnung are basic forest rights, followed by explanation of community usage, such as using firewood, removal of firewood, and grazing rights, with stated penalties for violations.

No other copies are recorded outside Germany.

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