Budget of the United States

Government budgets are an expression of policy–the measure of how the legislative and executive branches carry out what they perceive as the public will.  The federal budget is a measure of expenditures based on revenues as well as a plan for effectively...

Special Collections Recent Acquisition

Matthias Fronius.  Statuta iurium municipalium Saxonum in Transyluania. [Transsylvaniae Corona : George Greus?], 1583 / Der Sachssen inn Siebenbürgen : Statuta : oder eygen Landtrecht. Cronstadt in Siebenbürgen : George Greus, 1583. First editions of the codification...

Where in the World Is the Electoral College?

The electoral college is not a place, but a Constitutional process. Under Article II of the Constitution, each state appoints electors equal to the number of votes the state has for representatives and senators.  Each state determines its own method for the selection....

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