This month marks the premier of season six of the wildly popular television series Game of Thrones, based on the fantasy novel series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin.  Our current display, “Game of Thrones and the Law,” highlights some of the legal themes in the series, such as trial by combat, which in the series closely mirrors trial by battle for criminal appeals under English common law.  Another issue analyzed is that of chemical warfare, which was employed during the Battle of the Blackwater and compared to the history of chemical warfare leading up to the Chemical Weapons Convention.  Various materials in the library’s collection are also displayed, including The Last DuelLiving Weapons, and our newest addition – Law and Law Breaking in Game of Thrones.

“My brother has his sword, King Robert has his warhammer and I have my mind…and a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone if it is to keep its edge. That’s why I read so much Jon Snow.”

-Tyrion Lannister, Game of Thrones

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