The Burns Law Library has mounted a display of scholarship by women members of the GW Law School faculty in honor of Women’s History Month.  Located outside the library’s second-floor entrance, it highlights publications from 25 members of the permanent faculty.  The works displayed range from treatises on comparative law to manuals on parole practice.  The breadth and depth of the scholarship produced by GW’s women faculty are impressive. The Law Library is always pleased to bring attention to their works, and especially during this month.

Women’s History Month was federally recognized with Pub L. 97-28 which declared the week of March 7th, 1981 as Women’s History Week.  Each successive year included a similar resolution, which expanded the celebration in 1987 to Women’s History Month with Pub L. 100-9.  Congress continued to pass similar resolutions each year through 1994.  On March 1, 1995, President Clinton’s Proclamation 6773 continued the tradition of recognizing March as Women’s History Month. The use of Presidential Proclamations for this celebration has continued to this day.