Downton Abbey and the Law

Downton Abbey and the Law

As any Downton Abbey fan knows, the popular show includes lots of plot twists and turns based on British law in the early 20th Century.  A male only entail that tied up the title and the estate created the first dramatic crisis for the Earl of Grantham, when the Earl...
Fa la la la Library:  Booked for the Holidays

Fa la la la Library: Booked for the Holidays

Celebrate the season and view our window display.  Every component in the display is made from recycled and upcycled discarded library books.  The display was submitted to the Events division for the university door decorating contest. The angels and the Joy book were...
Zombies and the Law

Zombies and the Law

Just in time for Halloween, the Jacob Burns Law Library presents “Zombies and the Law” in our first floor display case.  We explore Haitian law aimed at criminalizing the process of zombification, the use of zombie terminology to explain complex legal theory, and some...
Harry Potter and the Law

Harry Potter and the Law

Given two thumbs up by the Quibbler, our current display “Harry Potter and the Law” is a tribute to both the laws of J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world and our own muggle laws.  Several law review articles are highlighted that discuss mediation, tort theory, and fan...

The Supreme Court and the Civil War

Check out our current display, “The Supreme Court and the Civil War,” which highlights some of the Court’s major decisions of the time.  Two habeas corpus cases are featured – Ex parte Merryman, 17 F. Cas. 144 (C.C.D. Md. 1861) (No. 9487)), and Ex parte...

Black Women in American Legal History

Our current display, “Black Women in American Legal History” celebrates both Black History and Women’s History months.  The display honors Rosa Parks and Dovey Johnson Roundtree for their contributions to the civil rights movement in America.  The...

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