Celebrating Black History Month: Researching Racism

racism (1903) 1. The belief that some races are inherently superior to other races. 2. Unfair treatment of people, often including violence against them, because they belong to a different race from one's own. — racist, adj. & n.   (Black's Law Dictionary (11th...

The Pursuit of Justice in Environmental and Energy Law

This past year GW Law celebrated the 50th anniversary of the founding of its Environmental and Energy Program which seeks to provide the next generation of environmental and energy lawyers with tools to deal with challenges facing the environment and its inhabitants....

The Nash & Cibinic Government Contracts Collection

The Nash & Cibinic collection encompassed seven titles focusing on different aspects of U.S. government contracts law.  The series was the brainchild of GW Law Professors Ralph Nash and John Cibinic, after finding practitioners were using their continuing...

Month of Macabre

October is one of my favorite months at the law library as it allows us to explore some of the stranger topics that the law covers.  From Zombies and the Law to the Salem Witch Trials, we have examined areas of law that get a bit less attention than Torts or...

The Nineteenth Amendment

Passed by Congress on June 4, 1919, the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified on August 18, 1920.  It was first introduced in Congress in 1878.  By 1912, nine states in the West - Wyoming being the first in 1890 - had already legislated for women to have the...
Bill of Rights Ratified

Bill of Rights Ratified

On this day in 1791, the first ten Amendments to the United States Constitution were ratified.  The Bill of Rights, as these Amendments came to be known, guaranteed personal liberties with the federal government.  The First Amendment alone included the right to...

200 Million and Counting

200 Million and Counting

In November 2019, a milestone was reached in the world of libraries and interlibrary resource sharing:  the submission of the 200 millionth request from a library to obtain a copy of an article needed by one of its faculty.  The library that placed that request was...

Rosa Parks Arrested:  December 1, 1955

Rosa Parks Arrested: December 1, 1955

Rosa Parks was arrested in Montgomery, Alabama, for refusing to obey an Alabama law and city ordinance that required African Americans to sit at the back of the bus and to give up their seats on the bus to make room for white passengers.  Mrs. Parks was an active...

Rare Books Amplify Learning

Rare Books Amplify Learning

GW undergraduate students enrolled in the freshman writing course Art in the Age of Shakespeare visited the Law Library on November 15 to see law books printed during Shakespeare’s lifetime, and to view the exhibition The Duel in History: Laws, “Codes,” and Censure....

Honoring All Veterans!

Honoring All Veterans!

GW Law Library proudly salutes those who have served in the armed forces. Thank you all for your dedication, sacrifice, and invaluable service. Be sure to check out our Military Justice research guide, which provides various legal resources and articles on military...

Rachel Carson and the Birth of the EPA

Rachel Carson and the Birth of the EPA

To celebrate GW’s Environmental Law Program’s 50th anniversary, the law library’s current display recognizes Rachel Carson’s influence on the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency, and environmental policy in the United States at large. Rachel Carson...

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