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Before 1900

List of Cases 


YearCountryCase NameCourtComplaining WorkDefending WorkComplaining AuthorDefending
1844USMillett v. SnowdenC. C. S.D.N.Y.The Cot Beneath the HillThe Cot Beneath the HillW.J. WetmoreW. J. Wetmore
1845USReed v. CarusiC.C. Md.The Old Arm ChairThe Old Arm ChairHenry RussellSamuel Carusi
1846USFerrett v. AtwillS.D.N.Y."Alethia Waltz", based on a theme from Michael Balfe's "The Bohemia Girl"Michael Balfe, arranged by Francis Brown
1850USJollie v. JacquesC.C.S.D.N.Y.Serious Family PolkaSerious Family PolkaAnonymousAnonymous
1887USBlume v. SpearC.C.S.D.N.Y.My Own Sweet DarlingCall Me Back AgainFannie BeaneW.D.Hendrickson
1888USKennedy v. McTammanayC.C.D. Mass.Cradle’s Empty Baby’s GoneHarry Kennedy
1898USBroder, et al. v. Zeno Mauvais Music Co.C.C.N.D. Cal.Dora DeanMa AngelineBert A. WilliamsCharles Sidney O'Brien
1899UKBoosey v. WhightCh. D."My Lady's Bower"Messrs. Boosey & Co.Whight
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