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News stories about claims of music copyright infringement appear regularly in legal and mainstream news outlets. Relatively few of these disputes go to trial, and fewer still generate published judicial opinions. This resource provides primary documentation, and commentary, on virtually all music infringement cases that have been litigated in the U.S., and for which a judicial opinion was issued, since the middle of the 19th Century. The InPlay segment (tab in menu bar) offers documentation relating to currently active disputes. As these disputes are settled, or reach a final disposition through litigation, information about them will be removed from the InPlay segment but will remain available within the main Cases segment of the site. All cases in the site’s expanding foreign cases collection are similarly listed here on the main Cases segment, and are identified, and searchable, by the applicable 2 or 3-letter country code. 



YearCountryCase NameCourtComplaining WorkDefending WorkComplaining AuthorDefending
1844USMillett v. SnowdenC.C.S.D.N.Y.The Cot Beneath the HillThe Cot Beneath the HillW.J. WetmoreW. J. Wetmore
1845USReed v. CarusiC.C. Md.The Old Arm ChairThe Old Arm ChairHenry RussellSamuel Carusi
1846USFerrett v. AtwillS.D.N.Y."Alethia Waltz", based on a theme from Michael Balfe's "The Bohemia Girl"Michael Balfe, arranged by Francis Brown
1850USJollie v. JacquesC.C.S.D.N.Y.Serious Family PolkaSerious Family PolkaAnonymousAnonymous
1887USBlume v. SpearC.C.S.D.N.Y.My Own Sweet DarlingCall Me Back AgainFannie BeaneW.D.Hendrickson
1888USKennedy v. McTammanayC.C.D. Mass.Cradle’s Empty Baby’s GoneHarry Kennedy
1898USBroder v. Zeno Mauvais Music Co.C.C.N.D. Cal.Dora DeanMa AngelineBert A. WilliamsCharles Sidney O'Brien
1899UKBoosey v. WhightCh. D."My Lady's Bower"Alice M. Davis ("Hope Temple") and Frederick WetherleyPlayer piano rolls produced by defendant Whight
1907USWhite-Smith Music v. Apollo CompanySupreme CourtKentucky BabeLittle Cotton DollyAdam GeibelAdam Geibel
1914USCooper v. JamesN.D. Ga.Never Turn BackNever Turn BackW.M.CooperJoseph James
1915USBoosey v. Empire MusicS.D.N.Y.I Hear You Calling MeTennessee, I Hear You Calling MeCharles MarshallJeff Godfrey
1916USHaas v. Leo FeistS.D.N.Y.You Will Never Know ...I Didn't Raise My Boy to be a SoldierWilliam CahalinAl Piantadosi
1917USHart v. GrahamN.D. Ill.Livery Stable BluesAlcide Nunez, Ray Lopez
1923UKAustin v. Columbia Gramophone Co.Ch. D.Themes from opera "Polly"Themes from opera "Polly"John GayJohn Gay
1923USHein v. Harris2d Cir.Maria Cahill's Arab Love SongI Think I Hear a WoodpeckerSilvio HeinJoseph Howard
1923USMarks v. Leo Feist, Inc.2d Cir.Wedding Dance WaltzesSwanee River MoonPaul LinkeH. Pitman Clarke
1924USFred Fisher, Inc. v. DillinghamS.D.N.Y.DardanellaKa-lu-aFelix Bernard & Johnny BlackJerome Kern
1928USItalian Book Company v. RossiS.D.N.Y.Luna Mezzo MareMamma Mia M'ha MaritanPaolo CitorelloA. A.Galasso
1932USGotham Music v. Denton Music PublishingN.Y. Ct. App.St. James' InfirmarySt. James' Infirmary or Gambler's BluesAnonymousAnonymous
1933USArnstein v. ShilkretS.D.N.Y.Light My Life With LoveLady Divine Ira ArnsteinNathaniel Shilkret
1934USPark v. Warner BrothersS.D.N.Y.What are Your Intentions?What are Your Intentions?Charles Francis ParkHarry Warren, Al Dubin
1935USWilkie v. Santly BrothersS.D.N.Y.ConfessingStarlightW.A. (Bud) WilkieBernice Petkere
1936USArnstein v. Edward Marks2d Cir.I Love You MadlyPlay, Fiddle, PlayIra ArnsteinEmery Deutsch and Arthur Altman
1936USNorden v. Oliver DitsonD. Mass.O Gladsome LightO Gladsome LightN. Lindsay Norden (arranger)Anonymous arranger
1937USHirsch v. Paramount PicturesS.D. Cal.Lady of LoveWithout a Word of WarningHortense HirschHarry Revel
1939USArnstein v. ASCAPS.D.N.Y.Whisper to MeMy Wishing SongIra ArnsteinJoe Burke
1940USDarrell v. Joe Morris Music2d Cir.Does Anybody Want a Little KewpieOn the Beach at Bali-BaliJack DarrellSherman, Meskill, and Silver
1940USDavilla v. HarmsS.D.N.Y.If I were a Spider...Desert SongJoseph DavilaSigmund Romberg
1941USAllen v. Walt DisneyS.D.N.Y.Old EliSomeday My Prince Will ComeWadsworth DosterFrank Churchill
1941USMarks v. StasnyS.D.N.Y.Allà en el Rancho GrandeAllà en el Rancho GrandeSilvano D. RamosAnonymous
1942USCarew v. R.K.O. Radio PicturesS.D. Cal.ChatterboxChatterboxEvelyn CarewJerome Brainan
1942USMcMahon v. HarmsS.D.N.Y.In Sunny KansasLove Sends A Little Gift of RosesJoseph McMahonJohn Openshaw
1943USArnstein v. Broadcast Music2d Cir.Whisper to MeIt All Comes Back to Me NowIra ArnsteinHy Zaret et al.
1943USArnstein v. Twentieth Century FoxS.D.N.Y.KalamazooI've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo Ira ArnsteinHarry Warren
1944USGingg v. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp, et al.S.D. Cal.There'll Never Be Another YouThere Will Never Be Another YouAllamae Britton GinggMack Gordon and Harry Warren
1944USEdward B. Marks Music Corp. v. Jerry Vogel Music Co.2d Cir.December and MayEdward B. Marks
1945USBrodsky v. Universal Pictures Company2d Cir.Prelude in A MajorBad Lands of DakotaSamuel BrodskyHans Salter
1945USJewel Music v. Leo FeistS.D.N.Y.Carnival in Cotton TownDrummer BoyLouis RiccaRoger Edens
1946USArnstein v. Porter2d Cir.Modern MessiahDon't Fence Me InIra ArnsteinCole Porter
1946USHeim v. Universal Pictures2d Cir.Ma Este Meg Boldog VagyokPerhapsHajdu Imre (Heim)Aldo Franchetti
1948USBaron v. Leo FeistS.D.N.Y.L'Annee PasseeRum and Coca-ColaLionel Belasco and Massie PattersonJeri Sullivan and Paul Baron
1948USKahn v. Leo Feist2d Cir.Victory CalypsoesRum and Coca-ColaMohammed H. KahnLeo Feist
1950USShapiro, Bernstein v. Miracle RecordN.D. Ill.Yancey SpecialLong GoneMeade LewisAlphonso Tompkins and Lewis Simpkins
1951USJones v. Supreme MusicS.D.N.Y.Just an Old Fashioned Mother and DadNear YouThelma JonesFrancis Craig
1952USNorthern Music v. King Record DistributionS.D.N.Y.Tonight He Sailed AgainI Love You, Yes I DoGuy B. Wood and Sol MarcusHenry B. Glover
1953USOverman v. Loesser9th Cir.Wonderful YouOn a Slow Boat to ChinaRobert OvermanFrank Loesser
1954USRobbins v. AlamoS.D.N.Y.Theme for TV show "Dragnet"Theme for 1946 movie, "The Killers"Walter SchumannMiklos Rozsa
1954USMills Music v. Cromwell MusicS.D.N.Y.Tzena, TzenaTzena, TzenaIssachar Miron & Julius GrossmanIssachar Miron & Julius Grossman
1956USRobertson v. BattenS.D. Cal.The Happy WhistlerAd for San Francisco Brewing CompanyDonald Irwin RobertsonSong Ads, Inc.
1956USSmith v. Muehlebach BrewingW.D. Mo.Proposed Advertising Jingle for Muehlebach BeerTime for MuehlebachLeonard SmithMuehlebach Brewing
1956USWihtol v. Wells7th Cir.My God and IMy God and II.B. Sergei (Wihtol)Kenneth H. Wells
1958USCholvin v. B & F Music7th Cir.When the Sun Bids the Sky GoodnightWhile We DreamHomer Cholvin and Norman StadeKaczmarek
1959USDorchester Music v. National Broadcasting CompanyS.D. Cal.RendezvousI DreamedFred SpielmanCharles Green
1960USWalters v. Shari Music PublishingS.D.N.Y.Iron BarJamaica FarewellLionel WaltersErving Burgie
1963UKFrancis Day & Hunter v. BronCh. App.In a Little Spanish TownWhyMabel WaynePeter de Angelis
1964USIrving Berlin et al. v. E.C. Publications2d Cir.A Pretty Girl is Like a MelodyLouella Schwartz Describes Her MaladyIrving BerlinFrank Jacobs and Larry Siegel
1964USNom Music, Inc. V. KaslinS.D.N.Y.A Thousand Miles AwayDaddy's HomeJames Sheppard and William MillerJames Sheppard and William Miller
1965USNordstrom v. R.C.A.D. Colo.Mizpah or ShalomShalomFrank NordstromJerry Herman
1967USPackson v. JobeteE.D. Mich.I'm AfraidBaby Love Lorenzo Pack, Harper EvansEddie Holland, Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier
1967DEIn re Geman Collecting Society GEMABGH [Federal Court of Justice]Schwarzbraun ist die HaselnussGEMA / Franz Josef Breuer
1969USLeo Feist v. Apollo RecordsS.D.N.Y.Toot, Toot, TootsieToot, Toot, TootsieGus Kahn et al.Gene Sayet & Sidney Feldman
1970DEBote & Bock Musik v. Melodie der Welt GmbH & Co KGBGH [Federal Court of Justice]O schöne JugendtageTanze mit mir in den Morgen (Mitternachtstango)Wilhelm KienzlGerhard Wendland
1973USStrachborneo v. Arc MusicS.D.N.Y.MOJO WorkoutGot My Mojo WorkingRuth StratchborneoMcKinley Morganfield
1975UKMood Music v. De WolfeCh. D.Sogno NostalgicoGirl in the DarkArmando SciasciaJack Trombey
1976USBright Tunes Music v. Harrisongs MusicS.D.N.Y.He's So FineMy Sweet LordRonald MackGeorge Harrison
1976USGranite Music v. United Artists9th Cir.Tiny BubblesHiding the WineLeon PoberErnest Gold
1976USMCA Music v. Earl WilsonS.D.N.Y.Boogie Woogie Bugle BoyThe Cunnilingus Champion of Co. CDon Raye and Hughie PrinceEarl Wilson and Billy Cunningham
1978USFerguson v. National Broadcasting Company5th Cir.Jeannie MicheleTheme from "A Time to Love"Wilma FergusonJohn Williams
1978USHerald Square Music v. Living MusicS.D.N.Y.Day by DayTheme for N.B.C.'s "Today Show"Stephen SchwartzRay Ellis
1978USPlymouth Music Co. v. Magnus Organ Corp.S.D.N.Y.Holiday PolkaHoliday PolkaAnonymousAnonymous
1978JPHarry v. SuzukiSupreme Court of JapanThe Boulevard of Broken DreamsOne Rainy Night in TokyoHarry WarrenDoumei Suzuki
1980USElsmere Music v. N.B.C.2d Cir.I Love New York (advertising jingle)National Broadcasting CompanySteve KarmanNational Broadcasting Company
1980DEHanseatic Musikverlag v. Bellver MusikverlagBGH [Federal Court of Justice]DirladaLoop Di LovePantelis GhinnisJuan Bastos
1980USTesta v. JanssenW.D. Pa.Kept on SingingKeep on SingingPhilip J. LipariDanny Janssen and Bobby Hart
1982CAGondos v. Hardy Ontario Supreme CourtVariationsThe Homecoming, Moment of LoveIvan GondosHagood Hardy, Rudy and Jerry Toth
1984USSelle v. Gibb7th Cir.Let It EndBarry Gibb et al.Ronald SelleBarry Gibb et al.
1984USPendleton v. Acuff-RoseM.D. Tenn.Just a Blue BoxMama’s Shoe BoxHoward Leslie PendletonElizabeth Jane Anderson
1985USCream Records, Inc. v. Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co.9th Cir.The Theme From ShaftTV Ad for Schlitz BeerIsaac HayesBenton and Bowles
1985UKLawson v. DundasChannel 4 JingleChannel 4 JingleDavid LawsonDavid Dundas
1985USDixon v. Atlantic Recording Corp.S.D.N.Y.I Need LoveWhole Lotta LoveWilliam DixonLed Zeppelin
1986USAnheuser Busch v. Elsmere MusicS.D.N.Y.Budweiser Beer Commercial (1970s)Budweiser Beer Commercial (1985)Steve KarmenGavin Spencer
1986USBenson v. Coca-Cola11th Cir.Don't Cha KnowI'd Like to Buy the World a CokeJohn BensonCoca-Cola Company
1986USFisher v. Dees9th Cir.When Sunny Gets BlueWhen Sonny Sniffs GlueMarvin Fisher and Jack SegalRick Dees
1987USBaxter v. MCA9th Cir.JoyTheme from 'E.T.'Leslie BaxterJohn Williams
1987USSiskind v. Newton-JohnS.D.N.Y.Take a Chance on LoveTake a ChanceLaura SiskindOlivia Newton-John
1987CAVerge v. Imperial Oil Ltd. It's a Brand New WorldHockey Night ThemeCyril VergeSteven Benderoth
1987UKWarner Bros. v. DundasCh. D.MarthaAdvertisement for Kenco CoffeeTom WaitsDavid Dundas
1987UKWilliamson v. Pearson PartnershipCh. D."There is Nothing Like a Dame"Advertisement for Rapid Coach ServiceRogers & HammersteinDenis King
1988USGaste v. Morris Kaiserman2d Cir.Pour ToiFeelingsLouis GasteMorris Kaiserman
1988DEMagazine-Music Verlag v. Ralph SiegelBGH [Federal Court of Justice]Alle Liebe dieser Erde; Un canto a galiciaEin bisschen FriedenJulio IglesiasNicole
1988DEEdition Magazine Music v. Sony ATVBGH [Federal Court of Justice]…wie ein KindFantasyKaty KassayEarth, Wind & Fire
1989AUCBS Records Australia v. Guy Cross Fed. Ct. Aus.Ring My Bell (CBS Version)Ring My Bell (Trackdown Version)Collette RobertsGuy Cross
1990USQueen & David Bowie v. Vanilla IceUnder PressureIce Ice BabyQueen & David BowieVanilla Ice
1990USDawson v. Hinshaw Music4th Cir.Ezekiel Saw De WheelEzekiel Saw De WheelWilliam Dawson (Arr.)Gilbert Martin (Arr.)
1990USLevine v. McDonald's Corp.S.D.N.Y.Life is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled MeMenu SongPaul DiFranco and Norman DolphMcDonalds Corp.
1990USBlack v. GosdinM.D. Tenn.The JukeboxSet 'Em Up JoeDamon BlackVern Gosdin
1991CAGrignon v. RousselFederal Court of CanadaChanson Numero 7Tous Les Juke-boxRene GrignonJean-Alain Roussel
1991USGrand Upright v. WarnerS.D.N.Y.Alone Again (Naturally)Alone AgainRaymond "Gilbert" O'SullivanBiz Markie
1991USIntersong-USA v. CBSS.D.N.Y.EsHeyEnrique ChiaMario Balducci, Julio Iglesias
1991USMcDonald v. Multimedia EntertainmentS.D.N.Y.Proposed Theme Music for "Sally Jesse Raphael Show"Theme Music for "Sally Jesse Raphael Show"Gerard McDonaldDan Radlauer
1991DEEnigma v. Phlegma 1991OLG MunichSadeness IMadness IEnigmaPhlegma
1991DEEMI U Catalog Inc. v. Far Musikverlag
BGH [Federal Court of Justice]There´s a Brown Girl in the RingBrown Girl in the RingTony McKay aka ExumaBoney M.
1991DEHerbolzheimer v. FarianBGH [Federal Court of Justice]Brown GirlBrown Girl in the RingMalcolm’s LockBoney M.
1992USChiate v. Morris9th Cir.Hello It's Me / I Just Called to SayI Just Called to Say I Love YouLloyd ChiateStevland Morris
1992USMoore v. Columbia Pictures8th Cir.She Can't Stand ItOn Our Own (from "Ghostbusters II")Derrick D. MooreAntonio Reid and Kenny Edmonds
1993UKEMI Music v. PapathanasiouCh. D.City of VioletsTheme from "Chariots of Fire"Stavros LogaridesEvangelos Papathanasiou
1993USJarvis v. A & M RecordsD.N.J.The Music's Got MeGet Dumb! (Free Your Body)Boyd JarvisRobert Clivilles and David Cole
1993USTempo Music v. Famous MusicS.D.N.Y.Satin DollDuke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Johnny Mercer
1993USSylvestre v. OswaldS.D.N.Y.HeavenHeavenMichael Sylvestre and Dougals RichwineJani Lane
1993FRLes Inconnus v. ParkerTGI [Tribunale de grande instance] ParisAuteuil Neuilly PassySouthwickLes InconnusMaceo And All The King's Men
1994CADrynan v. RostadOntario Court of JusticeFilion Family WelcomeHere We Are On the Road AgainJames DrynanWayne Rostad
1994USCampbell v. Acuff-RoseSupreme CourtOh, Pretty WomanOh, Pretty WomanWilliams Dees and Roy OrbisonLuther Campbell
1994USFantasy v. FogertySupreme CourtRun Through the JungleThe Old Man Down the RoadJohn FogertyJohn Fogerty
1994USTin Pan Apple v. Miller BrewingS.D.N.Y.Stick 'emTV ad for Miller LiteMorales and Robertson [Fat Boys]Miller Brewing Co.
1995USCrystal Cartier v. Michael Jackson10th Cir.DangerousDangerousCrystal CartierMichael Jackson
1995USLa Cienega Music Co. v. ZZ Top9th Cir.Boogie ChillenLa GrangeJohn Hooker and Bernard BesmanWilliam Gibbons, et al.
1995USWoods v. Bourne2d Cir.When the Red, Red, Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' AlongHarry Woods
1996USPalmieri v. Estefan2d Cir.Paginas De MujerOye Mi CantoEddie PalmieriGloria Estefan
1996USSantrayll v. BurrellS.D.N.Y.Uh OhPepsi Ad featuring "Hammer"Rene Santrayll & Michael WalkerStanley Kirk Burrell
1996USSmith v. Michael Jackson9th Cir.Don't Let the Sunshine / Happy Go Lucky GirlThe Girl is MineRobert Smith and Reynard JonesMichael Jackson
1997USDamiano v. SonyD.N.J.Miscellaneous lyrics and instrumental arrangementDignityJames DamianoBob Dylan
1997USMcRae v. SmithD. Colo.Every Minute, Every Hour, Every DayEvery SecondMaree McRaeWayne Perry and Gerald Smith
1997USRepp v. Webber2d Cir.Till YouPhantom SongRay ReppAndrew Lloyd-Webber
1997USTuff 'N' Rumble v. Profile RecordsS.D.N.Y.Impeach the PresidentBack from HellRobert Plant et al.Joseph Simmonds et al.
1999USBTE v. BonnecazeE.D. La.CoyoteKevin Griffin, et al.
1999USEllis v. Diffie6th Cir.Lay Me Out By the Jukebox When I DieProp Me Up Beside the Jukebox (If I Die)Everett EllisJoe Diffie
1999USSelletti v. Carey2d Cir.HeroHeroChristopher SellettiMariah Carey
1999USSuzane McKinley v. Collin RayeN.D.Tex.I Think About YouI Think About YouSuzane McKinleySteve Seskin & Collin Raye
1999USZZ Top v. Chrysler Corp.W.D. Wa.La GrangePromotional video for Plymouth ProwlerBilly Gibbons, et al.Chrysler Corporation
1999DEAnzilotti v. HildenbeutelOLG [Higher State Court] MunichGreen Grass Grows (Earth follows)SuperstringSnap!Cygnus X
2000USArmstrong v. Virgin RecordsS.D.N.Y.Planetary CitizenUnfinished SympathyJohn McLaughlin, et al.Robert Del Naja, et al
2000USThree Boys Music v. Michael Bolton9th Cir.Love is a Wonderful ThingLove is a Wonderful ThingIsley BrothersMichael Bolton and Andrew Goldmark
2000USTisi v. PatrickS.D.N.Y.Sell Your SoulTake A PictureMichael TisiRichard Patrick
2000FRBouffard v. Ministère PublicCour d’Appel [Regional Court of Appeal] ToulouseVarious pop songs in SACEM catalogMashups of various songs in SACEM catalog
2000FRCooper v. Ogilvy & Mather, et al.Tribunal de grande instanceThe Lower we Fly"Pond's Nutrivits" adsMatthew CooperOgilvy & Mather
2001USOliviera v. Frito-Lay2nd Cir.Girl from IpenamaFrito-Lay TV adAstrud GilbertoFrito-Lay Corp.
2001ITAlbano Carrisi v. Michael JacksonCorte app. (Rome)I cigni di BalakaWill You be There?Albano CarrisiMichael Jackson
2001USMarlon Williams v. Calvin BroadusS.D.N.Y.The SymphonyGhetto SymphonyMarlon WilliamsCalvin Broadus
2001USJohnson v. BerryE.D. Mo.Wee Wee HoursN/AChuck Berry and Johnnie JohnsonN/A
2001USToliver v. Sony MusicD. AlaskaIndependent LadyIndependent WomenPaula ToliverDestiny's Child
2002UKCreagh v. Hit and Run MusicCh. Div.Where are You NowWhere are YouMarianne CreaghSimon Stirling, et al.
2002USJean et al. v. Bug MusicS.D.N.Y.Hand Clapping SongMy Love is Your LoveLeo Nocentelli, et al.Nel Wyclef Jean and Jerry Duplessis
2002UKMalmstedt v. EMI RecordsCh. D.Jenny and ISleeping in my CarStephan MalmstedtPer Gessle
2002DEWeh v. Universal Music PublishingLG [State Court] MunichHeartbeatGet Over YouWEHSophie Ellis-Bextor
2003USCottrill v. SpearsE.D. Pa.What You See is What You GetWhat U See is What U Get, Can't Make You Love MeMichael Cottrill and Lawrence WnukowskiJorgen Elufsson, David Kreuger, Per Magnusson, Rami Yacoub
2003USNewton v. Diamond9th Cir.ChoirPass the MicJames W. NewtonAdam Yauch, et al.
2003USOry v. Country Joe McDonaldC.D. Cal.Muskrat RambleI Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die RagEdward "Kid" OryJoe McDonald
2003USJorgensen v. Epic/Sony Records2d Cir.Long Lost LoverMy Heart Will Go On, AmazedJohn L. JorgensenJames Horner, Will Jennings, Chris Lindsey, Aimee Mayo and Marv Green
2003DEErgin v. KershawOLG [Higher State Court] HamburgJingle of German bank: “Wenn’s ums Geld geht-Sparkasse”Wouldn't It Be GoodMehmet Ergin, Christoph Lienemann[Unknown Composer]
2003JPKobayashi v. HatorriSupreme Court of JapanDokomademo Ikou [Let's Go Anywhere]Kinenju [Memorial Tree]Asei KobayashiKatsuhisa Hattori
2004PRCApollo v. Coca Cola Beijing District CourtWhen the Sun RisesSunriseApollo Inc.Coca-Cola (China) Inc.
2004USSwirsky v. Carey9th Cir.One of Those Love SongsThank God I Found YouSeth Swirsky and Warryn CampbellMariah Carey
2004ZUDisney Enterprises, Inc. v. S.G. GrieselHigh Court of South AfricaMbubeThe Lion Sleeps TonightSoloman Ntsele [p/k/a/ Linda]Pete Seger et al. (From Disney's 1997 Broadway musical "The Lion King")
2004USUlloa v. UniversalS.D.N.Y.Brief countermelody to defendant's songIzzo (H.O.V.A.)Demme UlloaShawn Carter
2005USBMS Entertainment v. BridgesS.D.N.Y.Straight Like ThatStand UpRamid Brown, et al.Christopher Bridges
2005USBridgeport Music v. Dimension Films, et al.6th Cir.Get Off Your Ass and Jam100 Miles and Runnin'George ClintonEric Wright, et al.
2005UKCoffey v. Warner/Chappell MusicCh. D.Forever AfterNothing Really MatttersElizabeth CoffeyPatrick Leonard & Madonna Ciccone
2005USGriffin v. J-RecordsE.D. Wash.Heart of GoldDance With My FatherTia GriffinRichard Marx, Luther Vandross
2005USJohnson v. Gordon1st Cir.You’re the One (For Me)You’re the OneCalvin R. JohnsonAllen Gordon Jr., et al.
2005USPositive Black Talk v. Cash Money Records5th Cir.Back That Ass UpBack That Azz UpJerome Temple ("Jubilee")Terius Gray ("Juvenile")
2005USVargas v. PfizerS.D.N.Y.Bust Dat Groove Without RideAdvertisement for CelebrexRalph Vargas and Bland-Ricky RobertsBrian Transeau, et al.
2005PRCYong Wang v. Zhengben Zhu Beijing Court of Appeals, First DistrictSend My Comrade to BeijingFarewell to the Red ArmyYong WangZhengben Zhu
2005ITBacalov v. EndrigoCass. civ. Nelle mie notti
Il Postino Sergio Endrigo
Luis Bacalov
2006USBoone v. Jackson2d Cir.Holla BackYoung 'NCarl Boone ("Trajik")John Jackson ("Fabolous")
USTilford v. JonesS.D. TexStill Tippin'Still Tippin'Bradley TilfordMichael Jones, et al.
2007USArmour v. Knowles5th Cir.Got a Little Bit of Love for YouBaby BoyJennifer ArmourBeyoncé Knowles
2007USBridgeport Music v. Combs6th Cir.Singing in the MorningReady to DieRobert Jones, et al.Christopher Wallace
2007USLil' Joe Wein Music, Inc. v. Jackson11th Cir.It's Your BirthdayIn Da ClubLuther CampbellCurtis James Jackson aka "50 Cent"
2007TWNPeople v. HuTaiwan Pingtong Appellate CourtLianshang Love SongBye Bye My Lover!LoHu
2007USVargas v. TranseauS.D.N.Y.AparthenoniaBust Dat Groove Without RideRalph Vargas and Bland-Ricky RobertsBrian Transeau
2007USVelez v. Sony DiscosS.D.N.Y.Hasta HoyTengo GanasVictor VelezVictor Manuelle
2007US Lester v. U2
C.D. Cal.Nowhere FastVertigoChris LesterU2 (band)
2007PRCHuang Nenghua, et al. v. China Record Shanghai Co., Ltd.Shanghai Interm. People’s CourtArrangements of Chinese Operas, including: The Mother as SlaveRecording of popular vocal numbers from Chinese Operas, including a portion of The Mother as SlaveXu RuhuiYang Feifei
2008USGlover v. Austin2d Cir.Make Up Your MindUnprettyCorey GloverTionne Watkins, et al.
2008DEWinter v. Moore, et al.Munich Distr. Ct.NordrachStill Got the BluesJurgen Winter, et al., (a.k.a. "Jud's Gallery")Gary Moore
2008INSampath v. RoshanBom. HCThe ThumpKrazzy 4 (Remix) & Breakfree (Remix)Ram SampathVishal Dadlani
2009USAllen v. Destiny's ChildN.D. Ill.Cater 2 UCater 2 URickey AllenDestiny's Child
2009USBrainard v. VassarM.D.Tenn.Good Ol' Days to ComeGood Ole DaysDustin EvansPhil Vassar
2009USSteele v. Bongiovi, et al.D. Mass.Man I Really Love This TeamI Love This TownSamuel SteeleJon Bongiovi
2009USBridgeport Music, Inc. v. UMG Recordings, Inc6th Cir.Atomic DogD.O.G. In MeGeorge ClintonRobert Kelly, et al. ("Public Announcement")
2009USJones v. Blige6th Cir.Party Ain't CrunkFamily AffairLeonard Jones and James E. WhiteMary J. Blige
2009USJoe Satriani v. Christopher Martin, et al. [Coldplay]C.D. Cal.If I Could FlyViva la VidaJoe SatrianiChristopher Martin et al. [Coldplay]
2009DEWeh v. Universal Music PublishingKG [Higher State Court] BerlinHeartbeatGet Over YouWEHSophie Ellis-Bextor
2010USCurrin v. Pharrell Williams, et al.D. Conn.I'm Frontin'FrontinDavid & Peter CurrinPharrell Williams
2010AULarrikin Music Publishing Ltd. v. EMI Songs Australia Ltd.Fed. Ct. Aus.Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum TreeDown UnderMarion SinclairColin Hay ("Men At Work")
2010USMarshall v. HuffmanN.D. Cal. You are the OneMy LovePreston MarshallJohn Huffman, Real Content Media Group, Mariah Carey
2010USPrunte v. Universal Music Group Inc., et al.D.C. Cir.Fire in Da Hole, Plus OthersFire in the Hole, Plus OthersRobert R. PrunteBlack Rob, et al.
2010USMartel Ellis v. Wyclef JeanS.D.N.Y.DangerWelcome to the EastMartel EllisWyclef Jean
2010USEbony Latrice Batts v. William Adams, et al. [“Black Eyed Peas”]C.D. Cal.Boom DynamiteBoom Boom PowEbony Latrice Batts aka “Phoenix Phenom”William Adams, et al. [“Black Eyed Peas”]
2010USHolmes v. Page, et al.C.D. Cal. Dazed and ConfusedDazed and ConfusedJake HolmesLed Zeppelin
2011USErnest Straughter v. Usher Raymond, et al.C.D. Cal.The Reasons WhyBurnErnest StraughterUsher Raymond, et al.
2011USPyatt v. RaymondS.D.N.Y.Caught UpCaught UpWadena PyattUsher Raymond
2011USLessem v. TaylorS.D.N.Y.ElevatorHow We DoRyan Lessem, Douglas JohnsonJayceon Taylor (“The Game”), Andre Young (“Dr. Dre”), Michael Elizondo, Curtis Jackson (“50 Cent”)
2011USSaregama India v. Timothy Mosley, et al.11th Cir.Baghon Mein Behar HaiPut You on the GameAnonymousTimothy Mosley, aka "Timbaland"
2011DEEight Mile Style [Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem” v. Audi GmbHHamburg Regional CourtAdvertisement for Chrysler Corp.​Advertisement for Audi A6 “Avant”Marshall Mathers [aka “Eminem”]Audi GmbH
2011DEObinger v. McDonald'sOLG [Higher State Court] MunichMcDonald's-JingleStephan ObingerMcDonald's Corporation
2011USStokes v. StephensD.N.J.Where are You Now?Maxine's InterludeAnthony StokesJohn Legend
2012USLyles v. Capital - EMI Music, Inc., et al. S.D. OhioWithout YouWithout YouBruce LylesDavid Guetta
2012USPeters v. West7th Cir.StrongerStrongerVince PetersKanye West
2012TWNPeople v. Xinru WangTaiwan Shilin District CourtWhat Is Wrong with LoveSleeping BeautyMeiru HuangXinru Wang
2012USDone Deal v. CarterS.D.N.Y.BedrockBedrockWilliam KeithDwayne Carter, aka Lil Wayne
2012USPoindexter v. EMI Record GroupS.D.N.Y.Thin Line Between Love and HateWashed AwayRobert Poindexter, et al.EMI Record Group
2012PRCRui Hua Wang v. Qi Gang ChenSup. Ct. BeijingYou and MeYou and MeRui Hua WangQi Gang Chen
2012USBlack Keys v. Home Depot and Pizza HutC.D. Cal.Lonely Boy; Gold on the CeilingAdvertisement for Home Depot; Advertisement for Pizza HutDaniel Auerbach and Patrick Carney
2012USErickson v. BlakeD. Or.Pi SymphonyWhat Pi Sounds LikeLars EricksonMichael John Blake
2012Barobax v. Chakraborty, et al.Soosan KhanoomPyaar Ki PungiKevian Haghgoo et al.Pritam Chakraborty
2013USHobbs v. John7th Cir.NatashaNikitaGuy HobbsElton John
2013USLoomis v. CornishC.D. Cal.Bright Red ChordsDominoWill LoomisJessica Cornish
2013USTwilight Records v. Raymond, et al.N.D. Ill.Syl JohnsonDifferent StrokesUsher RaymondCall Me a Mack
2013USLove v. Universal Music Group, Inc.W.D. Mo.I'm Doing My JobDoin My JobBloodstoneKanye West
2014USFrancescatti v. Germanotta ["Lady Gaga"]N.D. Ill.JudaJudasRebecca FrancescattiStefani Germanotta
2014USPringle v. Adams ["Black Eyed Peas"]9th Cir.Take a DriveI Gotta FeelingBrian PringleWilliam Adams, et al.
2014USSteward v. Kanye WestC.D. Cal.Bumpin' Bus StopGold DiggerDavid PryorKanye West
2014USTufAmerica, Inc. v. Warner Bros Music Corp., et alS.D.N.Y.Hook & Sling, Pt. IRun This TownEddie Bo & The Soul FindersShawn Carter ("Jay-Z") et al.
2014USMayimba Music v. SonyS.D.N.Y.Loca con su TiguereLoca con su TiguereRamon Arias VasquezEduard Edwin Bello Pou
2014USPaul Batiste v. Faheem Rasheed NajmE.D. La.I Like Your Way; Blues ManPut It Down; Reggae NighPaul BatisteFaheem Rasheed Najm (p/k/a T-Pain)
2014DEMusikverlag Richard Birnbach v. ZDFOLG [Higher State Court] MunichFanfaren-Blues"Today" JingleKlaus Wüsthoff, Hans Günter WagenerZDF
2015USLane v. Knowles-CarterS.D.N.Y.X.O.X.O.X.O.Ahmad Javon LaneBeyonce Knowles-Carter
2015USNew Old Music v. Gottwald, et al.S.D.N.Y.Zimba kuPrice TagLenny Lee GoldsmithJessica Cornish, et al.
2015USDevin Copeland v. Justin Bieber, et al.4th Cir.Someone to LoveSomeone to LoveDevin CopelandJustin Bieber, et al.
2015USTufAmerica v. Diamond, et al.S.D.N.Y.Say What; Drop the BombShadrach; Car Thief; Hold ItTrouble Funk [band]Diamond, Horovitz, et al. [Beastie Boys]
2015USMiles Floyd v. Rod Stewart, et al.N.D. Ga.Corrine CorrinaCorrina CorrinaAmerican folk song, as performed by Bo CarterAmerican folk song, as performed by Rod Stewart
2015USDaniel Marino v. Usher, et al.E.D. Pa.Bad GirlDaniel MarinoUsher Raymond
2015USTom Petty v. Sam SmithI Won't Back DownStay With MeTom Petty and Jeff LynneSam Smith
2015USRichard Friedman v. Hans ZimmerC.D. Cal.To Our FallenMusic score for “12 Years a Slave”Richard FriedmanHans Zimmer
2015DEDark Sanctuary v. BushidoBGH [Federal Court of Justice]Les Memoires BlesséesJanineDark Sanctuary Bushido
2015FRJohnson v. GoldmanCour de cassation [supreme court for judicial matters]ForeverAichaJefferson/Jean-François JohnsonJean-Jacques Goldman
2015USGuzman v. Hacienda Records, et al.5th Cir.Triste Adventura, alternatively known as Cartas de AmorCartas de AmorJose GuzmanHacienda Records
2015ITUniversal Music Publishing v. Sony BMG Music EntertainmentCass. civ. ZingaraPrendi questa mano, zingaraEnrico Riccardi and Luigi AlbertelliFrancesco De Gregori
2016USFahmy v. Jay Z et al.C.D. Cal.Khosara, KhosaraBig Pimpin'Baligh HamdiJay Z et al.
2016USBowen v. PaisleyM.D. Tenn.Remind MeRemind MeAmy BowenBrad Paisley, et al
2016USVMG Salsoul v Madonna Ciccone, et al.9th Cir.Chicago Bus StopVogueVincent Montana, Richard PettiboneMadonna Ciccone, Richard Pettibone
2016USMcDonald v. West, et al.2d Cir.Made in AmericaMade in AmericaJoel McDonaldKanye West, et al.
2016USWe Shall Overcome Foundation v. Richmond Foundation & Ludlow MusicS.D.N.YWe Shall OvercomeNAAfrican-American SpiritualNA
2016USAlisa Apps v. Universal Music, et al.D. Nev.Need to KnowLove Me AgainAlisa AppsJohn Newman
2016USArnett v. Alan Jackson & Sony MusicE.D.N.C.Remember MeRemember WhenTimothy ArnettAlan Jackson
2016USBMG v. Atlantic Recording Organization, et al.S.D.N.Y.Came to DoPost to BeJoseph Bereal, et al.Omari Ishmael Grandberry, aka “Omarion”
2016USEric Smith, et al. v. Amanda Jiroux, et al.C.D. Cal.No RainInsaneEric Smith, et al.Amanda Jiroux
2016USGabor Presser v. Kanye West, et al.S.D.N.Y.Gyongyhaju LanyNew SlavesGabor Presser & Anna AdamisKanye West
2016USMattie Music Group v. Lamar, Warner/Chappell, et al.C.D. Cal.Don't You Want to StayI Do ThisBill Withers, et al.Kendrick Lamar, et al.
2016USMcElroy, et al. v. Eriksen, et al.C.D. Cal.Why You Treat Me So BadI'm Worth ItThomas McElroy, Denzil Delano, Jay KingMikkel Eriksen, et al.
2016USSongs Music Publishing v. Porsche, et al.M.D. Tenn.JungleAdvertisement for Porsche’s Cayman 718 automobileMembers of the band “X Ambassadors”Cramer-Krasselt advertising agency
2016USYours, Mine & Ours v. Sony, et al.C.D. Cal.Young GirlsUptown FunkMembers of “electro-funk” band CollagePeter Hernandez (“Bruno Mars”) et al.
2016USEstate of Armetia Chatmon v. Eric Clapton, et al.M.D. Tenn.Corrine, CorrinaAlberta, AlbertaPublic domain blues number performed by Bo Carter (Chatmon)Public domain blues number performed by Eric Clapton
2016USMiller, et al. dba “Sleigh Bells” v. Demi LovatoC.D. Cal.Infinity GuitarsStars“Sleigh Bells” [band]Demi Lovato
2016USGreggs v. Grande, et al.C.D. Cal.Takes All NightOne Last TimeAlex GreggsAriana Grande
2016USHaloSongs, Inc., Martin Harrington, Thomas Leonard v. Ed Sheeran, et al.C.D. Cal.AmazingPhotographMartin Harrington & Thomas LeonardEd Sheeran & John McDaid
2016USDarlene Love v. Scripps Network, Inc.N.D. Cal.Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)Jeff Barry, et al.
2016USCasey Dienel v. Justin Bieber, et al.M.D. Tenn.Ring the BellSorryCasey DienelJulia Michael, Justin Tranter, Justin Bieber, Thomas Pentz, et al.
2016USCirque du Soleil v. Justin Timberlake, et al.S.D.N.Y.Steel DreamDon't Hold the WallCirque du SoleilJustin Timberlake, et al.
2016USPK Music v. Justin Timberlake, et al.S.D.N.Y.A New Day is Here at LastDamn GirlPerry KibbleJustin Timberlake, et al.
2016FRFeriol v. MauriciCour de cassation [supreme court for judicial matters]Les Chansons d’artisteSi seulement je pouvais lui manquaitLaurent FeriolCalogero Joseph Salvatore Maurici (“Calogero”)
2017USParker, et al. v. Winwood, et al.M.D. Tenn.Ain't That a Lot of LovingGimmee Some LovinWillia Dean Parker & Homer BanksMervyn Winwood, et al.
2017USRoberts v. Gordy11th Cir.HustlinParty Rock AnthemWiliam Roberts, Andrew Harr, Jermaine JacksonStefan & Skyler Gordy ("LMFAO")
2017USMitchell v. Priority RecordsW.D. Ky.Star in the GhettoIf It Ain't RuffLeroy MitchellAndre Young( "Dr. Dre")
2017USAbdul Muhammad v. Chancellor BennettN.D. Ill.Bridge Through TimeWindowsAbdul Muhammad (Erik Saunders)Chancellor Bennett (“Chance Rapper”)
2017USLastrada Entertainment v. Mark Ronson, et al.S.D.N.Y.More Bounce to the OunceUptown FunkRoger TroutmanMark Ronson
2017USEnclosed Music v. Steinman, et al.C.D. Cal.[I’d do] Anything for YouI’d do Anything for LoveJon Dunmore, Mike MolinaJames Steinman
2017USSean Hall, et al. v. Taylor Swift, et al.C.D. Cal.Playas Gon’ PlayShake It OffSean HallTaylor Swift
2017USEstate of Barre v. Beyoncé Knowles Carter, Sony Music, et al.E.D. La.Booking the Hoes from New Wildings; A 27 Piece Huh?FormationAnthony Barre aka “Messy Mya”Beyoncé Knowles Carter
2017USGolden Crown Publishing v. Sony Music, Jonathan Smithy [aka “Lil’ Jon”], et al.S.D.N.Y.Turn Down for What?Turn Down for What?Fredley Saurel [aka “Freddy GZ”], et al.Jonathan Smith [aka Lil’ Jon”], et al.
2017USBosh v. Univision Communications, Inc.S.D. Fla.Yo Soy BoricuaAdvertisement for Spanish language Sesame StreetJoel BoshUnivision Communications, Inc.
2017INSuper Cassettes v. Trimurti FilmsBom. HCKehdoon TumheSocha Hai (Kehdoon Tumhe RemixKishore Kumar & Asha BhosleJumin Nautiyal & Neeti Mohan
2017USStone et al. v. TIG7 Publishing, LLC et al.N.D. Ga.Funk You UpUptown FunkThe SequenceBruno Mars & Mark Ronson
2018USPaul Rose v. Paul David Hewson, aka “Bono”, et al.S.D.N.Y.Nae Slappin'The FlyPaul RosePaul Hewson, aka “Bono”, et al.
2018USAbiodun Oyewole v. Rita Ora, et al.S.D.N.Y.When the Revolution ComesHow We do Party; Party and Bullshit; Calm DownAbiodun OyewoleRita Ora; Christopher Wallace; Marshall Mathers & Trevor Smith
2018USWilson v. Dynatone Pub., et al.2d Cir.Sho' NuffSuit & TieJohn Wilson, Charles Still, Terrance StubbsJustin Timberlake
2018USCortes-Ramos v. Enrique Martin-Morales ("Ricky Martin")1st Cir.World Cup Song Contest EntryVidaLuis Cortes-RamosRicky Martin
2018USFahmy v. Jay Z, et al.9th Cir.Khosara, KhosaraBig Pimpin'Baligh HamdiJay Z, et al.
2018USPharrell Williams, et al. v. Frankie Gaye, et al.9th Cir.Got to Give it UpBlurred LinesMarvin GayeRobin Thicke, Pharrell Williams
2018USLela Weems v. Odd Future Records, et al.C.D. Cal.Why Can't There Be LoveDeathcampHerman WeemsTyler Okonma
2018USMichael May v. Miley Ray Cyrus, et al.S.D.N.Y.We Run ThingsWe Can't StopMichael MayMiley Ray Cyrus
2018US[INPLAY] Platinum Jack Entertainment v. ESPN and Chick-Fil-AN.D. Tex.Best I HadAds Aired on ESPNDrayter [Band]Chick-Fil-A Advertising Agency
2018USCarey v. SheeranS.D.N.Y.When I Found YouThe Rest of Our LifeSean Carey, Beau Golden, Jasmine RaeEdward Sheeran
2018USDel Rio v. Virgin America, et al.C.D. Cal.Flight Safety VideoNeomi Del RioVirgin America
2018USJamie Ciero v. Disney, et al.C.D. Cal.VolarLet It GoJamie CieroDisney
2018USTracy Chapman v. Nicki MinajC.D. Cal.Baby Can I Hold YouSorryTracy ChapmanNicki Minaj ft. Nas
2018US [INPLAY] Brighter Sky Productions LLC, et al. v. Marriott International, Inc., et al.N.D.Ill.Rocket Boys MusicalOctober Sky MusicalDan Tramon, Diana Belkowski, and Carl Anthony TramonMarriott International, Inc, and Universal Pictures
2018USBenny Mardones, et al. v. Cyndi Lauper, et al.S.D.N.Y.Into the NightRaise You UpBenny Mardones & Robert TepperCyndi Lauper
2018USRichard Morrill v. Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, et al.C.D. Cal.Who's Got My Lightah (1996) / Who's Got My Lighter (2009)Spark the FireRichard MorrillGwen Stefani & Pharrell Williams
2018DEStahlgewitter v. Frei.WildOLG [Higher State Court] HamburgAuftrag Deutsches ReichSchenkt uns Dummheit, kein NiveauStahlgewitterFrei.Wild
2018JPHarumaki Gohan v. MoriHachigatsu no Rainy [August Rainy]M.A.K.E.Harumaki GohanYamato Mori
2019NZEight Mile Style v. New Zealand National PartyH.C. N.Z.Lose YourselfEminem EsqueMarshall Mathers, et al.Michael Cohen
2019USThe Rolling Stones v. The VerveThe Last TimeBittersweet SymphonyThe Rolling StonesThe Verve
2019USAndrew Green v. Kanye West, et al.D.S.C.Video Recording of child praying Ultralight BeamAlice T. Johnson and N.G (minor child) Kanye West
2019USWilliam Smith et al. v. "The Weeknd"C.D. CalI Need to LoveA Lonely NightWilliam Smith, Brian Clover, Scott McCullochAbel M. Tesfaye (“The Weeknd”)
2019USSong-a-tron Music, et al. v. Jones, et al.S.D.N.YBack it Up24 HoursSong-A-Tron MusicChristian Jones ("TeeFLii")
2019DE[INPLAY] Hütter v. PelhaCourt of Justice of EUMetall auf MetallNur mirKraftwerkSabrina Setlur
2019USMimi Korman v. Julio Iglesias11th Cir.Me Olvide de VivirMe Olvide de VivirMimi KormanJulio Iglesias
2019USRodriguez v. Avalos, et al.W.D. Tex.PediréPediréEsmeralda Lucy RodriguezEric Avalos, Courtney Rico, Chavalos Music, Inc.
2019US[INPLAY] Nicholas v. Pigott, et al.E.D. La.Roll Call (Instrumental)That beat; In my feelings; Nice for whatSamuel Nicholas III ("Sam Scully")Adam J. Pigott ("BlaqNmilD"); Aubrey Drake Graham ("Drake")
2019US[INPLAY] Brandon Lee ("Don Lee"), et al. v. Hill ("Lil Nas X"), et al.S.D.N.Y.gwenXdonlee4-142RodeoBrandon Lee ("Don Lee") & Glen DemerittMontero Lamar Hill ("Lil Nas X"), et al.
2019USZachry Brown v. Ryan TedderC.D. Cal.Nowhere Left to GoZachry BrownRyan Tedder
2019USMark Halper v. Sony/ATV Music Publishing, LLC, et al.6th Cir.Don't Throw Our Love AwayStay With MeMark HalperSam Smith, et al.
2019USNew Day Worldwide v. Taylor SwiftC.D. Cal.Haters gone HateShake it OffJesse GrahamTaylor Swift
2019US[INPLAY] Key, et al. ("Yellowcard") v. Higgins, et al. ("Juice WRLD")C.D. CalHolly Wood DiedLucid DreamsRyan Key, et al. ("Yellowcard")Jared A. Higgins ("Juice WRLD"), et al.
2019USBrown v. NetflixS.D.N.Y.Fish Sticks n' Tater Tots (song)Burlesque: Heart of the Glitter Tribe (film)Tamita Brown, et al.Netflix, et al.
2019USGuity v. SantosS.D.N.Y.Eres MiaEres MiaNazim GuityAnthony Santos
2019USPickett v. Migos Touring, Inc., et al.S.D.N.Y.Walk It Like I Talk ItWalk It Talk ITLeander C. Pickett ("M.O.S.")Migos Touring, Inc. ("Migos"), et al.
2019USStone v. DudleyC.D. Cal.Sharon StonedSharon StoneChelsea Dudley a/k/a/ Chanel West Coast
2019USBatiste v. Lewis, et al.E.D. La.Hip Jazz; World of Blues; Salsa 4 Elise; I Got the Rhythm OnThrift Shop; Neon CathedralPaul BatisteRyan Lewis; Ben Haggerty ("Macklemore")
2019US[INPLAY] Richardson v. KharbouchN.D. Ill.*Hood* Pushin’ WeightAin’t Worried About NothinEddie Lee Richardson aka Hotwire the ProducerKarim Kharbouch aka French Montana;
Excuse My French
2019USHines v. Roc-A-Fella Records Inc. et al.S.D.N.Y.Help Me Put Out The Flame (In My Heart)Paper Chase; Toe 2 ToeErnie HinesJay-Z; Timbaland
2019USJefferson v. Raisen, et al.C.D. Cal.Truth HurtsHealthy (Demo)Melissa Jefferson ("Lizzo")Justin Raisen; Jeremiah Raisen
2019INSaregama India v. Balaji Delhi H.C.Var Dhagala Lagli KalDhagala Lagali KalaDada KondkeMeet Bros, et al.
2020USEstate of James Oscar Smith v. Cash Money Records2d Cir.Jimmy Smith RapPound CakeJimmy SmithAubrey Drake Graham aka "Drake"
2020USYeasayer v. Tesfaye ("The Weeknd")S.D.N.Y.SunrisePray for MeYeasayer, LLCAbel Makkonen Tesfaye (“The Weeknd”); Kendrick Lamar Duckworth
2020USMichael Skidmore v. Led Zeppelin9th Cir.TaurusStairway to HeavenRandy WolfeJimmy Page
2020USMarcus Gray, et al. v. Katy PerryC.D. Cal.Joyful NoiseDark HorseMarcus Gray, et al.Katy Perry, et al.
2020US[INPLAY] Armes v. PostC.D. Cal.Circles Tyler ArmesAustin Post (aka "Post Malone")
2020US[INPLAY] Gordon v. ChambersE.D.N.Y.Yung Gordon IntroStoopidSeth Gordon ("Yung Gordon")Brytavious Chambers (“Tay Keith”);
Daniel Hernandez (“Takashi 6ix9ine”)
2020US[INPLAY] Griffin v. Sheeran, et al.S.D.N.Y.Let's Get It OnThinking Out LoudMarvin GayeAmy Wadge, Ed Sheeran
2020US[INPLAY] Jackson v. Apple, Inc.N.D. Cal.Side ShowDarell JacksonApple, Inc., et al.
2020US[INPLAY] Basil v. AMCC.D. Cal.MickeyToni Basil
2020US[INPLAY] Stines v. Knowles, et. al. C.D. Cal.Black EffectThe Carters
2020USJackson ("50 Cent") v. Roberts2d Cir.In Da ClubRenzel RemixesCurtis James Jackson ("50 Cent")William Leonard Roberts II ("Rick Ross")
2020US[INPLAY] Hayes v. LamarC.D. Cal.LoyaltyTerrance HayesKendrick Lamar
2020USStone v. GrandeS.D.N.Y.You Need It, I Got It7 RingsJosh StoneAriana Grande
2020UKSheeran v. ChokriEWHC [High Court of Justice]Oh WhyShape of YouSam ChokriEd Sheeran
2020USStructured Asset Sales v. SheeranS.D.N.Y.Let's Get It OnThinking Out LoudMarvin GayeEd Sheeran
2020USNorwood v. Quality Control Music, LLCN.D. Ga.MartianHow Did I Get Here ft. J. ColeBarbara NorwoodOffset
2021USNwosuocha v. Glover, et al.S.D.N.Y.Made in AmericaThis Is AmericaEmelike NwosuochaDonald Glover
2021US[INPLAY] Cooper, et al. v. Brown, et al.S.D. Fla. I Love Your DressNo GuidanceMr. CooperChris Brown & Drake
2021US[INPLAY] Cates v. Shlemovitz, et al.N.D.N.Y.She Loves Her JobFeBreze TaglineCameron CatesShlemovitz, et al.
2021USRobinson v. WilburnN.D. Ill.When U Think About ItWhen I Think About ItGuttaFuture
2021USJohannsongs-Publishing Ltd. v. Lovland9th Cir.SöknuðurYou Raised Me UpJóhann HelgasonRolf Løvland
2021US[InPlay] Cleveland Constantine Browne et al. v. Rodney Sebastian Clark Donalds et al.C.D. Cal.Fish MarketDespacitoCleveland Browne & Wycliffe JohnsonLuis Fonsi
2021USAOM Music, Inc v. Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio (p/k/a Bad Bunny)C.D. Cal.Playero WorksSafaeraAOM Music, Inc.Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio p/k/a Bad Bunny
2022US[INPLAY] Ultra v. WestS.D.N.Y.Move Your BodyFlowersMarshall JeffersonKanye West
2022USFrisby v. Sony9th Cir.Shawty So ColdDeja Vu; ExchangeG-MoneyJ. Cole; Bryson Tiller
2022USCope v. Dua Lipa, et alE.D. La. Live Your LifeLevitatingArtikel SoundDua Lipa
2022US[InPlay} Quinn et al v. Powell et al.N.D. Ga.Back N ForthLiving My Best LifeDarwin Quinn, Mitchelle'l Sium, Roland Powell p/k/a Lil' Duvall, Rich Broke Entertainment, LLC
2022US[InPlay] Larball Publ'g Co. v. Lipa S.D.N.Y.Wiggle and Giggle All NightLevitatingRussell Brown, Sandy LinzerDua Lipa
2022US[InPlay] Phase One Network v. Kanye West S.D.N.YSouth BronxLife of the PartyLawrence Parker, Scott SterlingKanye West
2022USMoten v. Def JamN.D. Tex.Unspecified SermonCome to LifeBishop David Paul MotenKanye West
2022USPatrick v. PoreeN.D. Ga.I Do What I WantYolanda PatrickApril Louise Poree
2022USGrigson v. LopezC.D. Cal.That GirlSome Things Never ChangeDaniel GrigsonKristen Anderson Lopez
2022USSound & Color v. Sam SmithC.D. Cal.Dancing with StrangersDancing with a StrangerJordan Vincent, Christopher MirandaSam Smith, Normani
2022US[InPlay] Third Side Music v. Evenflo Co.S.D. OhioBest FriendAd Background MusicSofi TukkerEvenflo
2023USAstley v. HauriCal.Super.Ct., Los Angeles CountyNever Gonna Give You UpBetty (Get Money)Rick AstleyYung Gravy
2023USStone v. CareyC.D. CAAll I Want for Christmas is YouAll I Want for Christmas is YouAndy Stone, AKA Vinnie VanceMariah Carey
2023US [InPlay] Formal Entertainment v. Zayn Malik C.D. CASomebody TonightBetterPatrick Simmons p/k/a "Havyn"Zayn Malik p/k/a "Zayn"
2023US[InPlay] Darko v. Grahm, et al.S.D.N.Y.Oye OheneCalling My NameObrafourDrake
2023US [InPlay] Concord Music Group, et al. v. Anthropic PBC M.D. Tenn.NANAConcord Music, Universal Music Group and ABKCO MusicAnthropic PBC
2024US Chamberlain v. Dolo Entertainment E.D.N.Y.In That MoodIn Ha MoodDuvall ChamberlainIsis Naija Gaston a/k/a Ice Spice
2024USPeabody & Company LLC v. Wayne, et al. S.D.N.Y.Come On DownThe BoxGreg PerryRoddy Ricch
2024USJohnston v. Kroeger, et al.5th Cir.RockstarRockstarSnowblindNickelback
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