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List of Cases


YearCountryCase NameCourtComplaining WorkDefending WorkComplaining AuthorDefending
1932USGotham Music v. Denton Music PublishingN.Y. Ct. App.St. James' InfirmarySt. James' Infirmary or Gambler's BluesAnonymousAnonymous
1933USArnstein v. ShilkretS.D.N.Y.Light My Life With LoveLady Divine Ira ArnsteinNathaniel Shilkret
1934USPark v. Warner BrothersS.D.N.Y.What are Your Intentions?What are Your Intentions?Charles Francis ParkHarry Warren, Al Dubin
1935USWilkie v. Santly BrothersS.D.N.Y.ConfessingStarlightW.A. (Bud) WilkieBernice Petkere
1936USArnstein v. Edward Marks2d Cir.I Love You MadlyPlay, Fiddle, PlayIra ArnsteinEmery Deutsch and Arthur Altman
1936USNorden v. Oliver DitsonD. Mass.O Gladsome LightO Gladsome LightN. Lindsay Norden (arranger)Anonymous arranger
1937USHirsch v. Paramount PicturesS.D. Cal.Lady of LoveWithout a Word of WarningHortense HirschHarry Revel
1939USArnstein v. ASCAPS.D.N.Y.Whisper to MeMy Wishing SongIra ArnsteinJoe Burke
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